Wrong day Bruce…

cfJee_AuSt_77Bruce Springsteen has never really been what he makes himself out to be. The whole working class hero thing is the long ago manufactured tag-line of an aspiring musician who cut his first record in his very early 20’s. Springsteen lived little or nothing of the true economical and social strife he attempts to portray in his music, and therefore understands equally as little about how and why it affects our nation. Moreover, his view of freedom and its cost is equally as vague and without context or experience.

Now its fine if this phony wants to write and perform his music for those longing for an earlier time, but when he and the John Bon Jovi’s of this world offer up that music as some kind of “educated” political prophecy, I’m inclined to tune out in a hurry.

I would only say to Bruce, whether he agrees or disagrees with this nation’s foundational tenets or the subsequent application(s) of its elected government, please have the decency to respect the day we honor men and women who willfully put themselves in harm’s way so you can belt out a few off-key melodies to an adoring albeit misguided audience?

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