“Boo-Yah!”… Stuart Scott, 1965 – 2015

Stuart Scott 1965-2015

Stuart Scott 1965-2015

I’m remembering Stuart Scot today, not for the color of his skin and the so-called “controversial style” he brought to ESPN, and not because of his heroic and passionate battle with the dreadful disease that took my mom and dad, but more simply because he was too young to leave. Too young to leave his beautiful daughters, too young to leave a successful career of his own determination and making, and just too young to have no more tomorrows. Scott was an athlete, a sports enthusiast of the highest order, and a broadcaster who blazed a trail many would follow. But he was also an extraordinary father who by way of the manner in which he left us, showed his girls (and the rest of us) how to live. Stuart Scott was truly, “Cooler than the other side of the pillow”.

You beat cancer by how you live” – Stuart Scott

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