Not at all surprised…

2497AA3D00000578-2905307-image-a-24_1420988802054The very soul of liberty was attacked in France, leaving an entire civilized world to contemplate how far we will allow a blatantly sadistic and inhuman ideology to go. For our part, there has been much written and bloviated about why the United States was not more appropriately represented at a subsequent rally and march in spite of the murderers. I found the answer to that question to be quite obvious.

At the outset of the Obama Presidency it was plain to see, (at least for those not blinded by the grandiose hyperbole), that the new president viewed our nation as merely a party to history and not one which has led or should lead for the good of all nations. In fact it’s now been more than six years since we first heard the lofty “hope and change”, yet Mr. Obama still references the sins of slavery rather than the sacrifice of those who gave their last full measure to abolish it, or even the efforts of the genuine protesters who paved his own road to the White House. He promotes entitlement and “wealth sharing” as an alternative to the free market capitalism which has raised up billions from the depths of poverty and despair. And he appeases the Islamist terrorist who would hardly afford him the same consideration.

So you see my fellow Americans, we’re getting exactly what our president promised back in 2008, a nation politically removed from its former principles and the storied history which gave way to them, and relegated to the position of every other nation content to have ridden the broad shoulders of our hard-fought freedom.

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