The freedom to be ignorant…

Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz

Someone referred to me as a “nut-job” recently because I watch FOX NEWS. This made me think wow, the Left apparently still has no answer for the “fair and balanced” thing, so they continue with this childish name-calling stuff. Truth be told, I watch a half-dozen television news programs as well as on-line news stations, listen to a bunch of radio broadcasts, and read far too many newspapers before I make the choice to opine. Now I’m not claiming some academic or ideological high ground here, but I am suggesting that’s what truly bothers the Lefties so much, that folks like me actually make an effort to be accurate and truthful.

Moreover, and while I don’t necessarily consider myself a Ted Cruz “Tea Party” person per-sea, it does rub me the wrong way when I hear some idiot refer to Tea Party types as radicals or nut-jobs. Now that I think of it, I believe the Tea Party supports the fundamental value system that made this country great, along with smaller government, term limits and lower taxes. Heck, I am a freaking “nut-job”, and damn proud of it you elitist butt-wipe!

Look people, there are nut-jobs around every corner and across the political spectrum. That said, please do your children a favor and get your ideological heads out of your collective back-sides, before the nation which has sacrificed so much of its blood and treasure for your freedom to be ignorant by choice, vanishes before your very eyes.


“We the People” do appreciate it…

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Remember, "truth and reason" first...