Presidential faux pas… Again???

Obama-NPROnce again the POTUS has taken the low road, this time during an NPR interview with Steve Inskeep, when he suggested Governor Scott Walker “bone-up” on his foreign policy. With all due respect to the office, Mr. Obama just can’t seem to grasp the gravitas associated with the presidential seat of power, and thus continues to make himself appear petty and beneath the presidency. Governor Walker may be only a lowly “unannounced” candidate for the office Barack Obama currently holds, but the president of all people, should understand the value of even a potential candidate engaging on the hot button issues of the day. To be sure, short timer and (voting “present”) then Senator Obama absolutely shredded President Bush as he prepared for his run at the White House.

My point is, President Bush took great pains to at least appear unflustered by the rabid criticism coming from the Left, as I believe he felt responding from the mud would only diminish the office for which he recognized he was only a temporary occupant. President Obama however, seems either willingly indifferent to the presidency in terms of any perceptions or the expectations of “We the People”, or simply incapable of the very necessary and professional restraint attached to so public an elected position.


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One Response to Presidential faux pas… Again???

  1. Walt Kachanis says:

    As I stated in other posts obama is not our president, he rose to the position by lying, cheating, multiple votes by some of his “following” and a “couldn’t care less” attitude from congress. Having a news media making him the new messiah that can do no wrong is one of the biggest shames to befall over our country. We cant trust the media period.

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