Memorial Day 2015…

memorial-day-observed-arlington-virginiaI think it’s fair to say our young nation has had its share of growing pains these nearly 240 years now. Notwithstanding those difficulties, the intent and vision of our founders and the documents born of their struggles are without compare in all human history. A simple reading of the cost to so many of the “signers” would tell anyone not blinded by ideology that the price was indeed heavy but well worth it.

On this Memorial Day 2015 we take stock of a nation wounded by the politics of division. For this reason, and faced with the reality of a “Greatest Generation” gone away, we must double our efforts to teach our children of the liberty so many have died to defend. They must understand that no matter what they might be told by any misguided academic, opportunistic politician, or foolish ideologue who takes their freedom for granted with reckless abandon, America ultimately stands like no other nation in recorded history for the God given freedom of the Declaration. And that no cause but for that of God Himself was so important to human kind that free men and women would willingly forego their own futures to preserve its longevity. Let us begin with that in our classrooms today.

May God bless all those who have fought and died in my stead so that I may have a country, a free country…!


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