All is as it should be..?

ma004There appears to be some confusion about our current status and/or policy for dealing with Islamic terrorism. Many on the Right believe our president is inept or simply blind to the threat. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Now putting aside Mr. Obama’s ideology of a diminished America getting what it deserves for just a moment, one doesn’t have to be a shrink to recognize this community organizers propensity to be a college professor first. He’s certainly a member of the teachers’ lounge club who believe their “intelligence” will win the day, and that when that level of intelligence is applied to the real world, wondrous solutions to all of our problems will then materialize.

So you see when the POTUS does not even stand from his chair to address the ideological murder of four “unarmed” Marine hero’s right here on American soil it shouldn’t surprise anyone. In his mind “sxxt happens” and we’re still paying the price for the failed policies of a president who hasn’t been president for nearly seven years. Ultimately his superior intellect should save the day, and “diplomacy” as administered by “competent” academics like him will make all the difference.

Regrettably, history demonstrates that people who think like President Obama often hold on to their ignorance right until they’re standing at the gates of a concentration camp. 2016 anyone?

May God bless and embrace those brave souls lost, and shed His light and mercy on their families and fellow Marines…

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One Response to All is as it should be..?

  1. Walt Kachanis says:

    Let’s go back a few years, obama was a community organizer, he then moved on to a US senator for a few years, and lastly managed to get himself elected president of our once fantastic country. It seems he can’t keep any job he gets and must move on (Peter principle anyone?). Now after making a mockery of our Constitution and our Bill of Rights he still can’t get anything right I am very much afraid that in his quest to find something he can hang his “legacy hat” on he may very well do some more extreme damage to our country and our way of life.

    Please God, please bless America.

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