So it’s “time to put the people back in charge” aye Mr. Speaker???

john-boehner-cryingWell I thought that’s what you said you would do when you wrestled control of the House from the radical “Obamabots”. Oh, so it turns out you’ve done nothing since then, except maybe talk a little tough once and awhile while cutting backroom deals with our Progressive president.

Well Mr. Boehner, your resignation looks to me like a simple but long-term culmination of a lack-luster legislative track record and inability (or lack of desire) to actually do the will of the people who gave you that gavel. Your House was elected with a mandate Sir, and under your direct leadership has failed in every possible way and on every issue. Consequently, the state of the Republican Party is such now that a cult-of-personality presidential candidate rules the day because no one has the slightest clue what you stand for anymore.

I’m sorry Mr. Speaker but this ones on you, a do nothing, pandering, cry-baby who convinced me to disaffiliate.


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