See, I told ya’ so…

gt_senator_obama_630x420_130807I seem to remember lots of talk about this inexperienced and even unqualified upstart from Chicago wanting to be the President of the United States back in 2008. It was truly odd how a still wet behind the ears Senator, who burst seemingly out of nowhere on to the primary scene, could defeat one of the most ruthless and calculating political figures in modern history for the Democratic nomination.

I remember it well actually, arguing with the coffee house Libs and political fence-riders who were simply enamored with this “African American” ideologue whose mother was white, about what exactly were the man’s qualifications to lead the most powerful nation on planet earth. But it all seemed a foregone conclusion I suppose, that many Americans would forego an appropriate presidential candidate vetting and send to the White House, Barack Hussein Obama II, aka: Barry Soetoro (the last name of his step father which he assumed for some years), an individual with very little experience and absolutely zero executive leadership qualifications. Nevertheless, it’s nothing short of maddening to now hear some folks whining about how this POTUS has literally screwed up the entire U.S. foreign policy application in just seven short years.

Attention “We the People”! Elections do have very real and dangerous consequences x2

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Remember, "truth and reason" first...