Coach Joe Kennedy’s courage of conviction…

151019_joe_kennedy_tbI believe the Bremerton High School flap over Assistant Coach Joe Kennedy praying on the field after football games is indicative of our nation’s current posture. Traditional and undeniable tenets of our culture are being shunned and vilified, all while the Constitution is mangled to represent things never intended by the Framers. It’s truly a sad day in America when the 1st Amendment can be manipulated to represent just about everything, except the simple and fundamental Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation came to be in the 17th Century.

Rest assured however, if there were an effort by atheists or otherwise “non-Christian” entities to exercise what they believed were “their” 1st Amendment rights on that field, Superintendent Aaron Leavell would have been on the front page of every local newspaper defending those actions. That’s just the cold hard facts people.

To be clear, our founding documents are second only to the ancient text, which in so many ways influenced those who penned them. With that said, you-all had better take care to defend the truth contained in those documents, or leave your children to fight for it.

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Remember, "truth and reason" first...