Another phony celebrity… Who’da thunk it???

Dear Ellen,

You’ve always been one of those entertainers for me, who seemed comfortable in your own skin, tolerant, and focused primarily on your talent and performing. That said, I must admit it doesn’t take much for me to feel slighted these days, in that for all the talk of “tolerance” on the Left, you all seem less and less tolerant with each passing day. Apparently, I’ve misjudged you Ellen.

Your decision not to have the President of the United States on your show is yours to make. Nevertheless, you must understand that your celebrity and the unavoidable soap box you stand on does come with a certain responsibility. Whether you rise or shrink from that responsibility is a choice to be sure, and comes with accountability. Accordingly, I too will now make a choice, as I’m sure many who don’t necessarily agree with your politics but watch your show will as well.

I choose not to watch the “Ellen DeGeneres Show.” any longer. I feel you’ve misrepresented yourself to the public and are nothing more than a narrow-minded ideologue, who seeks not equality, but rather only validation. “Light, Love, Hope”? Really?

There, I’ve said it. No hard feelings, aye?



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