RI & MA Firearms Qualification…



Thank you for your interest in Patriot64 Firearms Training. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts continue to limit my range time as the “writing thing” grows. Consequently, I’m now forced to limit my services to qualifications for carry permits only beginning June 1st 2014. The fee for Rhode Island and Massachusetts residents is $50.00. This does not include range time but does include notarization of all applicable paperwork, with two forms of identification needed at the time of qualification. In service or retired law enforcement, as well as any active duty or retired military remain free of charge so long as you have credentials and range access.


Remember folks, “you can’t take back a bullet“, accept responsibility for your own safety first, and familiarize yourself with all applicable LTC licensure requirements and firearms laws where you live.

Once again thank you, and please refer to the NRA website for other trainers in your area.

Forward inquiries to training@patriot64.com.

Remember, "truth and reason" first...