FOX on the brain…


President Obama can’t put aside his battle with Fox News. The problem is his presidency is so difficult to defend. The POTUS recently tweeted that “While affordable healthcare might still be a threat to freedom on Fox News, its working pretty well in the real world”. Now while the tweet is quirky and even amusing, it’s as removed from reality as the rest of Mr. Obama’s time in office.

The “Affordable” Care Act remains unstable at best, and most experts now agree it will do little to change the total number of uninsured in this country. The enrollment process remains flawed and incomplete, and most of the president’s promises to Americans concerning cost, care, and accessibility have proven to be something more than just lies.

Now are there folks who’ve benefitted from the ACA who would not have otherwise? I’m sure there are. But like so many poorly thought out entitlement programs cast upon the shoulders of the tax-Payer, it’s destined to be nothing but a bureaucratically bloated and significant financial drag on our economy that does little to address what it was supposed to in the first place.

Lay off the silly Fox tweets Mr. President, and do your job!

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