Bridge to foolishness…

IMG_6416The midterm elections were a reminder of the ideological differences dividing our nation. They were also a reminder that overall, “We the People” will eventually catch on that we’re being bamboozled by those we elect to high office. Notwithstanding generational dependents along for the ride, most hard-working Americans will catch on as policy catches up with their everyday lives.

So it should come as no surprise that even the folks out in very Liberal San Francisco California, are balking at the extra $33 million dollar price tag now being affixed to the demolition of the old Bay Bridge because of some protected (and not even endangered) birds. It seems the double-Crested Cormorant is on the federal government’s protected list and likes to hang out on the old Bridge. Fearing even greater numbers in terms of federal fines, as well as the wrath of the PETA types, the state is spending approximately $40,000.00 per bird on 800 birds to coax them into moving next door to the new bridge.

Now for anyone who’s really keeping score, the Left in this country does a whole lot of bloviating about wealth redistribution and the plight of those living below the poverty level, yet our government at the municipal, state and federal level, is pissing away your tax dollars in a wash of bureaucracy that’s simply beyond comprehension. How in God’s name can any so-called representative of the people even attempt to justify this kind of abuse with a straight face? Moreover, how does the Left sleep at night when those truly in need are going without while their government engages in such idiocy?

I say, shame on the morally bankrupt and politically inept bureaucrats who allow this type of foolishness to go unchecked.

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