“Politicizing” the Second Amendment…

untitledI’m glad the POTUS finally came clean about how he “politicizes” tragedies for political gain, as if those of us paying attention didn’t already know that. Nevertheless, the argument over “gun control” is once again front and center, with the horrific events in Oregon facilitating the presidential talking points as usual. And while I take issue with nearly everything he says, I do agree that in many ways we’ve become “numb” to the violence. But certainly not for the same reasons Mr. Obama believes.

The truth is our country is suffering from a cultural shift with a sizable minority seeking to validate that shift by turning a blind eye to the societal decay going on all around us. You see the president, in keeping with his Liberal Progressive ideology, understands full well the moral courage it would take to actually address the root causes of these unspeakable acts of violence, opting instead to take the much easier route of pandering and propaganda. Moreover, there are times when he seems to lack even the fundamental starting points of common sense and good judgment necessary to move past a failed belief system to the hard work of real and tangible solutions for our Republic.

In the end, President Obama’s very core being, as learned via a lifetime drenched in the politics of anti-Constitutional and frankly anti-American rhetoric, will never allow for a sensible debate over the real ills, socially and environmentally, which drive people to commit such egregious and unconscionable acts as we witnessed in Roseburg. Thus we are left only with “politicizing” by way of irresponsible rhetoric and misinformation. Thankfully, the 22nd Amendment to the very document he’s shown little if any respect for these past seven years, limits Mr. Obama’s direct influence on such matters as of January 20, 2017.

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