So I found this draft and figured why didn’t I ever post it??? So the president says… 8/1/2014 – Revised 10/29/2015…

335953601_lie_of_the_recovery_xlargeSo the president says: the unemployment rate has dropped faster than at any time in the last thirty years.

Reality: That’s because more folks have left the work force and/or simply stopped looking for work than at any time in a generation. Oh and when you extrapolate out for the underemployed and part time workers who want full time work, the real unemployment number, “the u-6 number”, is actually 12.2%, also the worst overall in a generation. In fact, Gen X have the worst unemployment rate, lowest credit scores, and are saving the least for retirement in the last 50 years. Oh and don’t forget the lowest Labor participation rate in the last 40 years.

So the president says: “All the decisions to rescue our economy, to rescue the auto industry, to rebuild the economy on a new foundation, to invest in research and infrastructure, education — all those things are starting to pay off.”

Reality: American industry has been decimated, just ask Detroit. Also, the consensus among larger companies (not just industrial), has now become to do more with less (fewer workers) in order to combat some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, second only to Japan, which ironically is cutting their rate and will leave us alone at the top. Also, even considering the 4% GDP growth (before revisions) this quarter, overall average growth remains at a sputtering at best, 2%, far short of anything signifying a robust and/or growing economy. And we still have yet to realize any of those “shovel ready” jobs that were financed by the American taxpayer to the tune of nearly a trillion dollars. Our infrastructure is falling apart while entitlement spending is at the highest levels in U.S. history. Oh and latest economic growth number is a whopping 1.9% in October 2015. Pathetic…

So the president says: “The middle class have more rungs on the ladder.”

Reality: The average American middle class family is seeing the highest prices in a decade for things like food and gasoline, and is making in some cases, 6% less money than they did just 5 years ago. People have less savings and are working harder for less than at any time in the last decade, and during this “recovery”—that is, from the officially defined end of the recession (in June 2009) to the most recent figures, the median American household income has fallen by $2,380 (from $54,478 to $52,098). Source – (The Weekly Standard) – In fact “Wall Street” has benefited more under this president than any of the folks to whom he promised “more rungs on the ladder”.

So the president says: “Many Americans who lacked health insurance now have it.”

Reality: Maybe so, but 30 million still do not. Moreover, the CBO estimates that nearly 28 million will probably still “not be covered even with full implementation of the law”. Still more: Premiums have actually gone up not down for many Americans and the CBO says “expect this trend to continue”. Still more: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act still does not have a “back end” as the payment system has yet to be completed, and we still haven’t been provided with a clear picture of exactly who has signed up thus far and if they’ve actually paid any premiums. Still more: The CBO also says to expect more roll out issues in November come the second enrollment, and that even more will have to pay back subsidies awarded them in error. All this for the wee small roll out price of just shy of billion dollars. (Remember, that’s just the roll out number.) Looking at these figures so far, one has to ask, wouldn’t it have been easier and cheaper to just cut a check to every uninsured American and let them go buy their own health insurance? If you’re not outraged yet, you should be! The worst is yet to come.

Listen folks, I could go on and on. Suffice it to say the POTUS is about as full of it as he could be and running around the country trying to sell it. So when he sports that condescending grin, leans over that podium and says, “Come on along with us”, you ought to think very carefully about what that actually means for you and your family.

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