Rhode Island embarrassed again…

Why am I not surprised, that Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and at least a half-dozen other Democrats on Capitol Hill met with Sergey Kislyak? And why am I even less surprised that the ambassador was a frequent visitor to the Obama White House? I suppose one could conclude he was there asking about any post-election “flexibility” Mr. Obama might have regarding future negotiations. Or maybe he was inquiring about then Secretary of State Clinton and her infamous reset button. Or heck, maybe he just wanted to buy some uranium.

Limousine Liberal Sheldon Whitehouse, Claire McCaskill, and the rest of this ilk, have to be the most disingenuous, hypocritical, and frankly un-American bunch ever to be elected representatives of “We the People”. They lost an election fair and square, so now they’re steadfastly committed to preventing OUR government from operating by any and apparently all means. They’ve lost the House, the Senate, and governorship’s across this great country, because they’re out of touch with the American people. They’ve taken the historical triumphs of civil rights and equal protection, and sullied them with illegitimacy and manufactured victimization, merely for the sake of power. They’ve clearly put their own selfish and political interests above the will of the people, thus they represent the true antithesis of Liberty as defined in our founding documents and given unto us by God. Consequently, we may only return to our place as the hope of nations, when we vote so-called representatives such as these from the halls of our government.

The timing of #45 could not have been better.

Thank you God!

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